Management Fees

Bâtirente is a non-profit corporation. Its goal is to provide groups of workers with high-performance, low-cost, retirement plans. This is why Bâtirente’s management fees are so competitive.

Bâtirente proposes a degressive fee policy: as a group’s collective savings increase, the management fees supported by its members decrease. In 2017, the average management fee rate for members of Bâtirente group plans amounted to 0.99 percent. Some groups are paying management fees as low as 0.55 percent. 

Management fees that are so advantageous represent a significant privilege when migrating to retirement. Rather than having to individually approach financial institutions that will require fees of 2.5 percent or more, Bâtirente’s retirees can direct their accrued savings to a Bâtirente retirement benefit plan. As a consequence, they remain linked to their group and benefit from the same preferential fee rate.

By taking advantage of their group retirement plan, Bâtirente’s retirees can thus enjoy a more comfortable retirement, while benefiting from investment products and professional support designed especially for them.

You can read the full management fees policy here.